The digital service experience your customers desire

A fully digital, transparent service experience for your customers – from online booking, to check-in, online approvals and payments - all from the palm of their hand. Everything your team needs to connect and transact with today’s consumer.


PowerLane transforms and modernizes the service lane, offering a clear digital service experience that your customers will appreciate. With convenient mobile check-in and check-out, digital multi-media inspections, and real-time communications, you can boost customer confidence and drive increased service revenue.

Full Digital Service Platform
Modernize your customer service with the transparent Digital Service Experience.

Improves Consumer Confidence
Seeing is believing. With picture and video-enabled capabilities, customers see with confidence what work is required, and trust the dealership in their recommendations.

Increase CP Revenue
With video and picture enabled recommendations, easy quoting and approval processes, dealers see drastic increases in CP revenue per Work Order.

$281 in Additional Revenue Per Work Order Using IVCR

25%+ Increased Customer Pay Using PowerLane

Online Scheduling

Online Scheduling gives customers the freedom and flexibility to book their own service appointments from any device, at any time.

Increase Service Bookings
Maximize the profitability in every booking with customized service recommendations and recall notifications.

Improve Customer Experience
Giving your customer the freedom and flexibility to schedule service at their convenience, 24/7 customer access.

Seamless Integration
Realtime DMS & CRM integrations prevents over-bookings and missed upsell opportunities.

Declined Services

Find Untapped Revenue Opportunities

Don’t miss quote opportunities from services that were initially rejected. Easily track and re-quote for any Declined Services, tracked and readily available as part of PowerLane.

Tire Boost

Tire Boost is an incredible feature of Accessible Accessories that seamlessly integrates tire quoting into any deal. With direct access to supplier data and detailed tire information at your fingertips, you can easily see and add tires alongside accessories. Boost Your Deals with Tire Boost – Quick, Easy, Profitable.

Comprehensive Tire Information
Access detailed tire information, including stock availability and descriptions – accurate data for increased sales.

Customizable Services
Provide more options for your customers and increase revenue opportunities with additional services like installation, balancing, and tire protection plans.

Convenient Tire Shopping
Allow customers to browse tire availability online and complete their purchase in-store, making the buying process convenient and efficient.

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