Standing by Our Customers: Quorum Support During the CDK Outage

The recent CDK Global system outage had a significant impact on nearly 15,000 dealerships across North America. This disruption affected core management systems, forcing dealerships to resort to manual processes, leading to increased wait times and costly financial losses. Watching from the sidelines, we knew that idling standing by was not the solution anyone was looking for. As a mainstay in automotive software and with years of experience dealing with the natural ebbs and flows of the auto industry, we understand the crucial role software systems play especially during the unexpected. That’s why we stood up to support dealerships of any size to make sure they can operate efficiently, no matter the challenges they face.

Quorum: A Dealer Performance Company

Quorum is dedicated to enhancing dealer performance, providing solutions that help dealerships succeed, regardless of the challenges. Our commitment extends to all dealerships, no matter the systems they use. We understand the struggles dealerships face, and we’re always ready to help. During the CDK outage, we stood by our customers, providing immediate support to keep their operations running smoothly.

Quick Support with Autovance Desk

To help affected dealerships, Quorum quickly offered our Autovance Desk solution. Within 24 hours, dealers were able to install Autovance Desk, allowing them to continue selling vehicles without disruption. This fast installation process made it so dealerships could maintain their sales operations and provide their customers with uninterrupted service.

Autovance Desk’s efficiency and ease of use provided an immediate solution to minimize potential financial losses and customer service issues caused by the outage. Keeping the sales activities running smoothly and keeping customers happy.

Maintaining Service Appointments with DealerMine Service CRM

The service bay doesn’t operate without appointments, and the outage caused a major ripple effect, preventing some dealers from booking any appointments, frustrating customers, and causing backlogs. To counteract this, we made an important update to our DealerMine Service CRM. This change allowed us to implement a booking solution that allowed dealers to continue scheduling service appointments without interruption. This proactive change ensured that dealerships could maintain their service operations, avoiding long wait times and delays for their customers.

DealerMine Service CRM’s adaptability and reliability helped minimize the customer impact and kept the service bays running. It was, without a doubt, a unique and challenging situation to overcome, but through ingenuity and a long history or providing reliable services, we were able to assist dealerships and keep the service booking process intact.

Our Commitment to All Dealerships

We believe in treating every customer with respect and care, regardless of the systems they use or the solutions they choose. The CDK outage highlighted the importance of being a reliable partner in both good times and bad. Our quick and effective response showed our commitment to standing by our customers and providing the best care possible.

We work closely with our customers, making sure they can rely on us as a trusted partner, capable of navigating any obstacle, no matter how big or small.

The CDK outage highlighted the critical role of dealer systems and the far-reaching consequences of cyber incidents. Quorum’s fast and effective response—through the deployment of Autovance Desk and the seamless booking solution in DealerMine Service CRM—demonstrates how we are committed to supporting all dealerships. We will continue to provide reliable, innovative solutions that help our customers succeed, no matter the challenges they face.

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