Recap on ACE 2023: Connections and Inspiration at ACE

Just like in previous years, ACE (Automotive Conference & Expo) proved to be a fantastic opportunity for dealers and vendors to come together. The event went beyond just business; it was about creating real connections, discovering the latest in the automotive industry, and being fully immersed in a friendly and educational atmosphere.

We were very fortunate to have two of our incredible Salespeople represent Quorum. Renee Doyle and Shelley MacDonald provided an incredible wealth of knowledge about all our products and engaged in wonderful conversations with some of our existing customers and dealers that have been interested in what Quorum can offer them.

Notes from our Sales Reps

Renee highlighted how ACE truly valued vendors, there was equal importance placed on both dealers and vendors throughout the event. This translated into open sessions, shared meals, and collaborative networking, creating an engaging and interactive experience.

Shelley echoed this sentiment. She appreciated the inclusive atmosphere that leveled the playing field for everyone. The conference’s layout encouraged easy interaction, and the way booths and open space were used meant that meaningful exchanges happened naturally. The well thought out design made it easy for attendees to move around and engage with one another. This deliberate approach ensured that participants got the most out of their time and encouraged valuable conversations.

“It was wonderful reconnecting with familiar faces and industry peers. The atmosphere was filled with respect, and it was truly inspiring being surrounded by people I hold in such high regard.”

Hayley Wickenheiser, Assistant GM to the Toronto Maple Leafs and 4-time Olympic gold champion for the Canadian Women’s Hockey team, was the keynote speaker. She left a lasting impression with her remarkable life story and accomplishments, inspiring everyone present. Her exciting life story was an excellent way to showcase how hard work and determination can pay off in so many different facets of life. The knowledge gained and applying this determination to versatile skills very smoothly tied into the fast-paced and constantly changing automotive industry.

The performance by the Jimmy Buffett cover band, Dwayne Gretsky, was enjoyed by everyone, and was a great way to wrap up a fantastic first day.

Personal Reflection

For our reps, ACE was more than just a professional event. It was an opportunity to not only share their knowledge but also to create lasting memories and strengthen their professional friendship. It was a blend of learning and personal growth, and a unique chance to share experiences and gain first hand knowledge about the industry, dealers, competitors, and how everyone interacts.

Closing Thoughts

ACE 2023 demonstrated the automotive industry's commitment to progress and inclusivity. It provided a platform for genuine connections, insightful learnings, and shared experiences. As our reps proved, ACE wasn't just a conference; it was an experience that went beyond business, leaving all participants with a renewed sense camaraderie.

If you want to know more about what products we showcased during ACE or how to get in touch with our reps, contact us here – we would love to hear from you!

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